Case Studies


analysing and optimizing a major platform

to improve user experience and increase conversions


Project: Re-design of the WWF Donation Platform to improve performance
My Role: AB Testing, UX Design, Design, Front End Development
Team members: 4


  • transactions increase from $2,000,000 to $2,600,000 / year
  • donation funnel users increased from 821,083 to 949,362 / month


The Problem

WWF Australia is one of the largest charities and engaged in complex operations to preserve the world’s species. It attract significant support from donators however the donation platform was under performing in terms of entrances to the funnel and conversions. Because of the scale in operations and variations in donation types, the complexity of the system was also an issue for users.

We identified through extensive testing of landing pages and entry points a need to re-design the landing pages and the donation platform step by step through the funnel to completion.

The Approach

Landing pages were analysed with heat-mapping and mouse tracking to identify weak and strong points. I also used data collected from marketing campaigns to guide approach to structure and type of content on landing pages.

From this point I put to together wire-frames for user flow and a prototype interface for the donation platform funnel to be tested. A prototype was built using rapid responsive development tool [foundation] and linked to payment processing. Using A/B testing to a sample of users I iterated the UX design live with adjustments to code snippets and worked through issues and blockage points.