Case Studies


releasing the emotive qualities

of Marrugeku’s theatre and dance productions


Project: UX/UI Design and Responsive Website Development
My Role: Project Management, UX Design, Prototyping, Development
Team members: 1


  • increased users x 26%
  • reduced bounce rate from 78% to 41%
  • increased inquiry acquisition x 98%


The Problem

Marrugeku required consistent representation of its dance theatre and workshop programs, however diverse, in a visually stunning way that could work for all across its portfolio. A visual challenge was to simplify the interface and maintain the volume and quality of the content and at the same time communicate the emotive quality of the work. The main emphasis of the project was to display full screen imagery in a compelling way.

Due to the complexity and content depth the implication was to create a UI that did not subtract from the experience. The main challenge for was how to transfer a complex tree navigation from desktop to mobile using the responsive framework. The solution required multiple user paths to levels on the site through prioritisation on smaller screens.

Thirdly Marrugeku required complete control over custom content sets, products in their online shop and imagery through a CRM and for it to be simple to update.


The Approach

Our approach was to maintain flexibility in the design process to allow for testing and alterations to improve UX. This involves connecting rather than specification and a shift to an online and fully CRM integrated prototype as early as possible in the design process. This allowed the client to understand the implications of their suggestions more comprehensively and also to tailor its approach to any limitations.

An early live prototype allowed for testing and improvement of the UI user paths to important and featured content and for the design to develop organically as required rather than preconceived in the planning stage.



“Dane managed the transformation of the Marrugeku web presence from idea to design to outcome. The result is a stunning representation of the company’s work including the shows we sell, our history and research outputs to the delight of the entire board.

His communication was precise and courteous throughout which led to a clear and productive process. The prototyping of the website was effective and made the design decision process fluid and easy.

Dane’s timeliness and attention to detail was efficient and consistent. During the process he adapted to changing circumstances affecting our small business model and maintained communication throughout with different members of our team.

We highly recommend Dane Ash and the results of his work can be seen in our beautiful and functional new web site:

We are thrilled with the result.”

Rachael Swain
Co-artistic Director and Creative Producer