Case Studies


solving a coffee roaster’s dilemma

increasing exposure to online channels and growing eCommerce


Project: UX Design, Responsive Web and eCommerce Development
My Role: Project Management, UX Design, Prototyping, Development
Team members: 2


  • increased organic traffic by 90%
  • increased conversions x 150%
  • increased social media referral x 88%


The Problem

Content visibility: Brooklyn roasting has a strong reputation as an importer and roaster of coffee and brand recognition at its successful flagship cafe and has recently expanded to four new locations. Brooklyn was presented with several issues that were remnant of a legacy web presence; including limited ability to structure new content for its four new stores, poor search visibility and confusion online about their location.

They needed a new UI to not only resolve the content structure issue however strongly highlight their expansion and attract attention to their new stores.

Boost online sales: Brooklyn’s existing online shop could not handle a variety of payment methods and was not effectively positioned to drive traffic to its products. Brooklyn was excited about the prospects of improving its eCommerce and diversifying its offering to current customers through an un-utilised channel.

A canvas for customisation: Brooklyn Roasting like to use colour and variation in their identity to represent their range of often fun and expressive labels of coffee blends. Essentially they like to play and they wanted their site to be a canvas for this expression.


The Approach

Our approach was to maintain flexibility in the design process and build in customisable and easily movable panels that could be used to test order of content. A shift to an online and fully CRM integrated prototype gave the client the ability to input feedback to the design process.

Website content was structured into panels that could change order, background and colour and be managed within the CMS. This was the basis for giving the website complete customisability to allow a weekly or even daily update and change in visual to match their featured blends. A method for randomly selecting different variants of the logo from a repository adds to the effect and control of colour.

A fast and effective off-canvas reveal/hide toggle for store locations was implemented and a sticky UI that is present 100% of the user experience meant that anytime throughout the experience the user can access a location to plan a visit.

To solve the search visibility issue unique pages for each store location with details were created and subsequent local business listings created linking to these pages and the location on google maps.



“We approached Dane to solve our website issues and design a website to represent the Brooklyn brand and he delivered beyond our expectations. He was incredibly easy to discuss the requirements that we wished to have and understood the direction that we wanted to take with the website. Thanks to him we now have a base that our customers can come to; our website traffic has risen, our online sales (even with our limited amount of products) are rising steadily at three times the rate.”

Cherry Kato
Kitahama Store Manager
Brooklyn Roasting Company