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Consultation and Design of Purpose Hire me and you don’t just get a creative, you get a creative business thinker that solves problems that help make you money. I understand the importance of motivation, inspiration and positive thinking and how it relates to your bottom line in your business. Fueled by strategic and planned action, the best possible results and profits can be achieved. Let’s face it; creative work is not just creative it has a purpose aimed at increasing profit for its business. Get positive results and a design strategically planned for maximum results. Website Design We all know the importance of a good web presence to a business. What defines a good web presence? User friendly functionality, design that stands out from the crowd and content specifically geared at getting maximum traffic through search engine results, affiliation and targeted marketing. It is experience and a little flair that is needed to deliver the results your business needs in all aspects of Web Design. Content Management Your business is always changing right? Why not allow your website to change with you. Get the tools to make it possible. Its not acceptable for business to use up the most valuable asset “time”, bouncing back and forward with their designer for simple updates when the tools are all available to get it done. Take control of your website with content management solutions geared specifically to your needs. Corporate Identity and Brand Development From modest beginnings it is important to envisage grand things. It all starts with a logo that has the potential to work as the timeless, core of your business’s identity. Get more than just a logo. Place your business in the right marketplace. Target the right people whether it be customers or associates. Get it right from the start! Print and Media related design Believe it or not a good Business card, Brochure, Poster or even a Magazine article can still be an efficient way to market your business. Creative design which compliments your business, delivers the right message and has the right look is a fine mix but very achievable with the correct brand strategy as a foundation. For more information or a quote contact Dane Ash

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