T shirt designs in composition

T shirt design and experimentation
Design started for a series of T-shirts in the planning. I have not done much work in fashion but quickly I am learning some lessons in design composition. People all have an individual taste and trying to design for everyone is impossible. I myself like plain colors and minimal designs on my T-shirts. Either that or a fine pattern that can go with various clothes. This is contrast with most of the art I produce. The first mistake I made was to design for shirts in a random way. Organic forms rather that geometric or balanced shapes. It was very difficult to do. Bringing balance to an organic form. Balance being so important in design but particularly when used with the form of the body. Still I am working on this.

The other was to realize that, what I like may not be what is popular or wearable by others. I found my T-shirt designs at first looked good small on the screen but scaled and printed appeared dull and less attractive. So I find the challenge I am faced with now is making the design interesting without being over the top. Keeping it minimal so it goes with a variety of clothes but amplifying detail to catch the eye. One thing I think that works is if you go fine, reduce the colors but if you go simple, increase the size and color palette. I will be working more to perfect some T-shirt designs and will post more soon.

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