Live Painting in the heart of Kyoto

Hachio's Live Painting at Antenna AAS art space in Kyoto
Kyoto live painter Hachio’s work after seven days in action

Hachio - the artist
The artist

a detail of the huge painting
A detail of the large piece

7 Days Live Painting. I visited the art space where Hachio was in the midst of creating this insane piece. The Kyoto local performs live painting in Kyoto clubs, galleries and spaces. Usually of a massive scale and created instinctively to music, the works are a stunning mix of influences and talent. I caught him during a break from painting sipping on a lager after a painting session. See the results of all the hard work at the exhibition. 2008.10.5(sun) – 2008.10.19(sun) at Antenna Alternative Art Space

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