Japanzine interview October Issue

in my studio – photo for the magazine
I was recently interviewed by Japanzine about my work in Japan and will be featured in the up and coming October issue. Japanzine is a freely available publication with quality content for the foreign community in Japan. It is nation wide and covers many cultural interests. It’s a nice read and I was really happy with the job they did. You can check out the interview on the website.

One comment on “Japanzine interview October Issue

  1. Spencer Sternberg on

    It’s a really well written article for the Magazine! Nice work! It is excellent to see an artist immersing themselves in the new environment of Japan. I really like how you have integrated Japanese traditional art into your designs.

    Being a relocated sound artist (to China) myself, I have found that recording sound, particularly fireworks sound effects, is something I can do that incorporates the culture.

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