Japan Korea artist exchange exhibition POINT

The Kyoto Art Center is holding an artists exchange exhibition featuring the work of 3 Japanese and 3 Korean artists. Point is only exhibiting until January 24th. A little late on the heads up but perhaps if you have time check it out. The purpose of the exhibition being to improve relations between artists and critics between the two countries. Talks were held on the opening day between, critics, artist and the curators. Pretty informative and a really interesting look at Korean art styles I had not seen before.

The artist mentioned they had intended to do more in the process and creative side of the contemporary artists exchange. The end result seemed like an exhibition of comparison rather than a process of interaction. Though doing things internationally is tough. Funding, transport and communication provide the biggest barriers. I found the process and their explanations really informative. Though I want to ask the question; How does an exhibition of a group of artists working to a theme become an exchange in process rather than an exchange in ideas post creation. Ideas are important but the process of how an artist works and how they concept the work is perhaps more interesting for the artist and result would differ greater. For example providing a workshop and an exchange of techniques, making use of each others creative spaces and learning where inspiration comes from. Artist in residency is an attempt at this, but always seems a little like bringing skills to an environment rather than exchanging skills through mediums. The approach taken here was to allow artists to network with curators extensively beforehand.

I think a unique process was best achieved in a collaboration between classic musicians and artists. Musicians were asked to interpret pieces done by contemporary artists. The performance at the opening was the 88th of such. Though it was hard for me to reference it back to the contemporary art. Partly because of language but also because the artwork was not on display. The artist gave a talk about it though.

Kyoto Art Center is a great contemporary art space and worth checking out. Reformed from an old school, the original timber, fittings and feel still exist.

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