blog design and blogging for creatives

Why should designers and creatives blog about their work?

Is the quality of your website design going to win the hearts of potential clients? Is your website going to reach people who think like you? The answer is probably no, if you don’t blog.

We used to judge capability on a good portfolio and nice site design. Of course your portfolio is crucial but what is the best way to show people you think about your work with enthusiasm, are pro-active in your industry and are well resourced and capable? Get active, connect and talk your language. Search engines, social media connections and RSS feeds can help deliver your content to those interested in it. A good blog design with the right setup and an SEO code base can improve your audience and provide potential clients looking for your service with the information they need to make the informed and right choice.

It helps to know a little about search engines, blog SEO and strategic blogging if you are going it alone. I have researched the finer points of blogging and think I have a good way to design blogs effectively When I create a blog design I try get my client up to speed and show them practical ways to effectively promote with their blog and deliver their content efficiently.

Do you have a blog that communicates what you do?

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